MDock outdoor blinds set the standards in chic practicality

Bring chic elegance into your home with MDock outdoor blinds

If you are in search of window blinds capable of achieving better control over light, heat and solar energy, then look no further than MDock outdoor blinds. These blinds are designed to achieve just that.

The external screen provided by an MDock outdoor blind lets you extend your outdoor living area by providing insulation and comfort throughout the year. MDock outdoor blinds are secured in place from top to bottom with two stainless steel wires. The system features hassle-free tensioning of the cables and leaves the smallest possible gap at the bottom of the blind. Its top-quality fixtures and components, along with its magnetic hold-down system, add value to your home.

You will be hard-pressed to find a style that is also this practical. The magnetic hold-down system is user friendly, easy to use and looks great. Get more from South Africa’s famous summers with this chic innovation, and extend your outdoor lifestyle during winter with beautiful and practical MDock outdoor blinds.

Choose Blinds Express as your preferred supplier of quality MDock outdoor blinds

At Blinds Express, we have worked hard to become the preferred supplier of beautiful outdoor blinds to our eclectic clientele. Thanks to our large buying power, we are also able to keep the rates of our products as competitive as possible. By doing so, we enable as many South Africans from across all walks of life to access quality, durable and chic innovative outdoor blinds for their properties.

We are proud of our long history of high client satisfaction. In fact, much of our business derives from return business and word of mouth referrals. It is an indication of what you can expect when working with the very best in the industry.

Tap into our unmatched expertise and experience and let it work for you. We are ready to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed purchase decision and we look forward to hearing from you. So speak to our team right now for comprehensive answers to all your questions.

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