Looking after your blinds

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Looking After your Blinds


Blinds add a stylish and elegant style to all rooms. However, it is not practical to take down your blinds every time you want to clean them. So, how do you clean your blinds in an effective and practical way? Well, cleaning and maintaining blinds is simple unlike their competitive counterpart – curtains.

There are a multitude of blinds, from roller blinds and shutters to venetian blinds and roman blinds. Venetian blinds are an increasingly popular choice of blinds amongst home owners and are easy to maintain. Simply get yourself a feather duster, carefully dust along the slats and the sides of the blinds. A simple and hassle free experience every home maker would appreciate!

Another way to clean your blinds is by using a vacuum cleaner or a compressed air can– one that has the ability to blow the pesky dust off of your blinds. This specific method works well with vertical blinds and remember to always pay close attention to where you are cleaning so as to not damage any of your blinds strands and slats.

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If you want to get rid of grease or dirt on your blinds, simply wipe a damp cloth across the slats or strands and wipe away the grease gently and easily.