Roller blinds

Roller blinds

Product information

Roller blinds are easy to operate and are the ideal choice for minimalistic designs. Roller blinds offer an understated elegance to the home or the office. Our roller blinds come in a variety of colours, materials and textures. Your style is easily captured through our design.

• Fabric choices: sheerweave, blockout, translucent, decorative, voile or plain.

• Resilient and highly durable

• Simple to operate

• Motorised blind option

• UV protection

• Light regulation

• Temperature regulation

Pricing information

These prices are intended to give you an indication of the price range for roller blinds.

Prices vary according to the width and length of a roller blind and are not calculated per square metre.

Price estimates including VAT –

1m by 1m roller blind in standard fabrics from R545 to R1400

1m by 1m roller blind in designer fabrics from R825 to R1730

Two types of motors are available for roller blinds.

220V Motor
A 220V power point is required for each motor. The motor is enclosed in the tube of the roller blind. The blinds can then be operated via a remote control from up to 80 metres away depending on the nature and number of walls or other obstacles between the roller blind and the remote.

Up to three adjacent roller blinds can be coupled and run off a single motor. Coupled blinds do not always line up with each other in the up and down positions. It may be necessary to choose to have the blinds lined up in either the up or the down position.


Battery Powered Wire Free Motor

This motor does not require a power point as it is powered by 8 lithium ion batteries mounted behind the tube. An optional solar energy kit is also available for this motor. It is supplied with rechargeable batteries and a small solar panel that can be adhered to the window.
All roller blinds can be motorized with the exception of the vision roller blinds. The key benefits of motorising a roller blind would be for large blinds that are heavy to lift or blinds that are out of reach.

A programmable upper and lower limit is set and a favourite intermediate position can be set and operated using the ‘MY’ button on the remote control.

Motorisation is available for between R4900 and R9000 depending on the options selected.

A half round valance compliments your roller blind with a stylish finishing touch. Valances are available in an array of different colours Half Round
Optional brushed steel end caps, joiners and returns are available for the half round valances Brushed Endcaps
Roller blind aluminium facia Aluminium Facia
Wire side guides are useful for holding roller blinds in place to prevent the blind from swinging in the wind when it is down Wire Guides
Wall cleats can be used to fasten the lift cord securely to the wall Cleat
Steel ball chain for roller blinds provides a metallic look (as opposed to the plastic ball chain that comes standard with roller blinds) Steel Ball Chain
Easi lift spring® aids in lifting bigger and heavier roller blinds Easi Lift Spring
Scallops and braids can be created at the base of your roller blind for a decorative finishing touch Scallops and Braids
Deco pole scallop can be created at the base of your roller blind for a decorative finishing touch Scallops and DecoPole
Flowers and corsages can be created at the base of your roller blind for a decorative finishing touch Flowers and Corsages
Eyelets can be created at the base of your roller blind for a decorative finishing touch Eyelets
Decorative tassels can be added to the base of your roller blind for a decorative finishing touch Tassels
Intermediate or coupled brackets can be used between two adjacent roller blinds to reduce the gap. The coupled bracket enables both blinds to be operated as a single roller blind. Coupling Brackets
Roller blind back Bar for specific installations Back Bar