Roman panel

Roman panel

Product information

Roman blinds embrace a neo-classical design, where luxury décor meets practicality and symmetry. This is the chic choice for adding allure to a room. From smooth and structured lines to cascading lines, Roman blinds come in a myriad of options. This is the effective and affordable way to add depth to your space.

• Practical
• Elegant and decorative
• Hand-made or factory made
• Tailor made
• Insulating

Pricing Information

These prices are intended to give you an indication of the price range for this type of blind.
Prices vary according to the width and length of a blind and are not calculated per square metre.

Price estimates including VAT –

1m by 1m roman blind in standard fabrics from R665 to R1450
1m by 1m roman blind in designer fabrics from R820 to R1655

A roman panel blind can be motorized using an adapted headrail.

220V Motor
A 220V power point is required for each motor. The motor is enclosed in the headrail. The blind is operated using a remote control from up to 80 metres away depending on the nature and number of walls or other obstacles between the blind and the remote.
The key benefits of motorising a roman blind would be for large blinds that are heavy to lift or blinds that are out of reach.The motorised headrail has a depth of 50mm. If the blind is to be installed outside the window recess, it may be worth widening the blind for light contfol and considering a half round valance to provide an improved finishing touch.

A programmable upper and lower limit is set and a favourite intermediate position can be set and operated using the ‘MY’ button on the remote control.

Motorisation is available for between R4900 and R6700 depending on the options selected.

A half round valance compliments your blind with a stylish finishing touch. Valances are available in an array of different coloursHalf Round
Optional brushed steel end caps, joiners and returns are available for the half round valancesBrushed Endcaps
Steel ball chain for the metallic lookSteel Ball Chain
Scallops and braids for a decorative finishing touchScallops and Braids
Deco pole scallop for a decorative finishing touchScallops and DecoPole
Flowers and corsages for a decorative finishing touchFlowers and Corsages
Eyelets for a decorative finishing touchEyelets
Decorative tassels for a decorative finishing touchTassels

Also consider roller blinds as an alternative