Shabby-chic is big these days with the popularity of vintage and DIY home decor. There are definitely craft elements that people like such as distressed furnishings, floral print-and-design elements, and whitewashed floors… all of which are popular DIY projects in the home.

Main shabby-chic design attributes:

  • Decor has a soft, feminine feel,
  • Vintage fabrics and items,
  • Distressed and painted furnishings,
  • Whitewashed and pickling floors,
  • Pale palettes, and
  • Floral prints.

Shabby Chic interior design draws quite a significant chunk of inspiration from the vintage designs and styles; however, the focus is more towards creating feminine, soft and delicate designs.
Most of the furnishings used by designers to achieve this look appear to be distressed and aged, and contain a very antique kind of a finish. The aim of this type of interior designing is often to blend together features of contemporary and modern styles with a scruff and ragged finish.
Some key elements include wall hangings, flimsy light fixtures, linen textiles and a mixture of white and pastel colours.

Shabby-Chic Photo Gallery

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