Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds

Product information

Pull your home décor together by selecting a venetian blind for your window coverings. Venetian blinds are neat and have appealing modern lines, making them a sleek addition to your home. Venetian blinds allow you to adjust the lighting in your space. You can raise your blind for an uncluttered view or you can tilt your blind to dim the lighting in your room.

Our remarkable range of venetian blinds cater to all budgets.

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Pricing information

These prices are intended to give you an indication of the price range for venetain blinds.

Prices vary according to the width and length of a venetain blind and are not calculated per square metre.

Price estimates including VAT –

1m by 1m venetian blind with 25mm slats in Aluminium +- R300

1m by 1m venetian blind with 50mm slats in Aluminium +- R560

1m by 1m venetian blind with 50mm slats in Wood Alloy +- R1150

1m by 1m venetian blind with 50mm slats in Basswood +- R1200

Two types of motors are available for venetian blinds.


220V lift and tilt
This motor is able to lift and lower the venetian blind as well as tilt the slats. A 220V power point is required for each motor. The blinds can then be operated via a remote control from up to 80 metres away depending on the nature and number of walls or other obstacles between the blind and the remote.

Battery powered tilt only

Operated via a remote control, this motor is able to tilt the slats of the venetian blind from open and closed as well as any position midway. The blind can be lifted and lowered manually using the lift cord. The motor does not require a power point as it is powered by 8 lithium ion batteries mounted behind the headrail. An optional solar energy kit is also available for this motor. It is supplied with rechargeable batteries and a small solar panel that can be adhered to the window.
The key benefits of motorising a venetian blind would be for large blinds that are heavy to lift or blinds that are out of reach.Motorisation of venetian blinds is available for between R2600 and R4900 depending on the type of motor.

Certain venetian blinds cannot be motorised. Contact our shop to speak to an expert.

A half round valance compliments your venetian blind with a stylish finishing touch. Valances are available in an array of different colours
Optional brushed steel end caps, joiners and returns are available for the half round valances
Bronze or magnetic hold down brackets can be installed to prevent the blind from swinging in the wind when it is down
Cut outs enable the blind to fit snuggly into the window recess when part of the recess is tiled
Wall cleats can be used to keep the lift cord off the floor
Aluminium headrails are available for coastal regions or high humidity areas

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