Vintage interior design is old fashioned and elegant. It involves the use of old or artificially aged furniture and decor.

  • Low-key colours: primary colours – beige, grey, sand, cream. Some shades of light pink, pale blue, pale lilac will be appropriate. The vintage interior welcomes the creation of a single colour gamma – bright, noble, calm.
  • Vintage welcomes natural materials: wood, more rarely stone and forged elements, natural fabrics. The interior should look as if it was designed several decades ago. It should reflect the fashion trends of the past decades. The most common, which became a classic, option is things older than 30 and younger than 60 years.
  • This style is called romantic: soft, flowing lines, elegant colours, lovingly selected furniture and decor, as if inherited from grandparents – not junk, but the legacy.
  • The room design in Vintage style looks simple (it does not have the classic chic styles, exotic oriental beauty catchy, or modern) and gracefully at the same time. Abrasion, cracks, chips give atmosphere and a comfortable lived-in look, creating an atmosphere of peace, relaxation, and nostalgia.
  • This style combines old and modern things. There are only “character” (with a special history, original, recognizable and unusual) things used for the creation of such interior.

When creating a living room in a vintage style, it is important to keep everything in the same stylistic direction of the decade you have chosen. If you want to put, for example, a leather sofa with a high back that was in vogue in the 30s, then the rest of the interior should also be matched to the style of the same 30s. If you like the plastic décor of the bright rich colors of the 70s, then, accordingly, the rest should also be combined with the direction of that era. Vintage interior styling focuses on minimal clutter and puts forth a very clean, crisp, and classy display of furniture, decorative accents, and designs. These interiors also often include old frames and photographs that are usually black and white in order to give the entire space a very old yet stylish look. You may also see a variety of open shelves in most vintage designs that allow one to show off their classic vintage accessories and items.

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